The Warped Forest Standard Edition

The Warped Forest Standard Edition

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The Warped Forest | あさっての森 (2011)

WARPED FOREST has remained mostly unseen since its 2011 festival circuit debut, but thankfully, we've pulled it out from limbo. Director Shunichiro Miki dives into the realm of the absurd alone this go-around, but he brings many familiar faces from FUNKY FOREST including Kanji Tsuda (GUILTY OF ROMANCE) and Rinko Kikuchi (PACIFIC RIM) as well as some new faces--Fumi Nikaido (WHY DON'T YOU PLAY IN HELL?)

Operating as a pseudo-sequel to FUNKY, WARPED is filled with the same bizarre aura that we've come to love--including naked women trees that grow pornographic fruit, furry nipple sucking animals and kaiju-sized humans. Fantasia Festival labeled it an essential work in the millennial new wave of radical, hallucinogenic Japanese comedies that blends deadpan humor, delirious dream logic and creeping paranoia into the strangest of cinematic brews!

• New HD Transfer From Original HDCAM Tapes (82 mins)
• Audio Commentary with Director, Shunichiro Miki
• Introduction by Director, Shunichiro Miki
• The Making of Warped Forest - “Into the World of the Limitless Forest” (12 mins)
• Interview with Director, Shunichiro Miki (23 mins)
• The Wonderful Dwellers of Funky Forest (25 mins)
• Original Storyboards of Warped Forest
• Trailer (1 min)

Artwork is reversible.

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