Named after the unlucky nature of the number '4' in many Asian countries, Error 4444, is a Maryland-based film company dedicated to preserving the wild and obscure side of Asian cinema lost to North America. With an emphasis on crazy genre films, Error 4444 aims to further the reach of unheralded horror, cult, weird, sci-fi, action and exploitation films from Asian countries to change the perception of Asian genre film history and reintroduce forgotten gems in a new light. 




What does Error 4444 mean?

Our namesake is both a play on the archaic server hijacking that computers succumb to from time to time (Error 404) and a reference to the unlucky nature of the number '4' in many Asian countries. Having four fours is extra unlucky and the replication of those fours is meant to represent the horrors and forgotten films that we intend to unearth from many different parts of Asia to force you into watching with us.