Red Spell Spells Red Old Art Standard Edition

Red Spell Spells Red Old Art Standard Edition


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Red Spell Spells Red | 紅鬼仔
Director: Titus Ho
Screenwriter: Amy Chan Suet-Ming

All murder-by-tree, machete slashing, suicide-inducing possessions, and scorpion swarm mayhem is unleashed when a documentary film crew from the city plunges deep into the heart of Native-controlled jungles to investigate a local black magic legend…but some legends are better left to the imagination. The longer the crew spends in the jungle, the more apparent it becomes that one beautiful member among them (Poon Lai-Yin) has been afflicted by a deadly curse that causes all those around her to die in horrific ways, including death by scorpions!

RED SPELL SPELLS RED is a hypnotic assault on not just the senses, but on good taste! From two-time proto-CAT III horror screenwriter, Amy Chan Suet Ming (CENTIPEDE HORROR) and one-hit-wonder director Titus Ho. RSSR deserves to be mentioned alongside the most infamous cannibal/jungle exploitation greats like CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST and some of the best psychotronic black magic flicks Hong Kong has to offer, such as THE BOXER’S OMEN.

Special Features
-2K Restoration of Uncut Film Elements [94 mins.]
-Animal Cruelty Free Cut [91 mins.]
How To Make A Successful Hong Kong Black Magic Film
-Teaser Trailer
-Cantonese & Mandarin Audio Tracks
-New English & Traditional Chinese Subtitles

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