Anatomia Extinction VHS (Limited to 50)

Anatomia Extinction VHS (Limited to 50)

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Anatomia Extinction VHS [Mystery Color Combo Videocassette - Limited to Only 50] (Lunchmeat Collab)

A man stands out from the crowd with his bleached blonde hair and disdain for the overflow of humans in Tokyo. Physically sick and tired of being surrounded, the man's only respite is the warm embrace of a sex worker. However, when the man is targeted by a serial killer known as "the engineer," he's given a choice--die by his hand or join him in murdering every last one of the humans he can't stand.

Both a pointed protest to Japan's raging overpopulation problem and a superb addition to the body horror sub-genre, Yoshihiro Nishimura's Anatomia Extinction, a prequel feature to Tokyo Gore Police, is overflowing with excellent blue and reddish hues, queasy practical gore effects and is an excellent capsule of Tokyo in the mid-90's. Learn from the rats! Anatomia Extinction has been carefully restored from its original 16mm elements and is back for more extermination after 26 years.